Posted by: Ryan N, on Aug 8, 2011

Previous Ride: Mazda Astina SP20 - Black Current Ride: VW Golf GTI MKV - White I have been detailing cars since I was young; tried various products until I came across Zaino. I stopped looking further. Ease of Use: Easy to apply and wipe off. Odour was pleasant too. Those who have spent the entire day detailing will understand how important this is. Longevity: To this day, I cant find any other product that can outlast Zaino Price: Great value. A lot of people tend to look at initial cost compared to Off-The-Shelf products. After taking into consideration factors such as ease of use, longevity (Zaino outlasts a lot of off the shelf products by a huge margin in my experience) and many applications each bottle of product lasts, this is not an expensive product at all! See attached for pictures of my previous car - 6+ years old at that time and that was the outcome of my FIRST attempt using Zaino. You can see why I'm still using this product 5 years on.

Ryan N

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Posted by: Clarence W., on Jan 21, 2011

I was using a particular product for my car polishing for years, heard many good reviews about Zaino, hence, decided to give Zaino a try. Got myself the Z-5pro, Z-6, Z-7 and ZFX. Finally got down to polishing my car, was amazed and very satisfied with the results. The mile deep shine really appeared on my car as promised by many other Zaino users all around the world. It is easy to use, applying the polish on and buffing it off was effortless. Great support from the guys at ZainoAP as well.

Clarence W.

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Posted by: Kenneth T., on Jan 19, 2011

To keep it short, nothing beats the combination of a range of Zaino products (AIO, Z5, Z8, Z-CS with the Z7 wash) in creating the depth, gloss and the wet look on one of the toughest-to-shine colours of my beloved E92 335 Coupe - sparkling graphite. Very few words can speak for the actual finishing...... So hard to shine on this gun metal colour, yet it does !!! Long live Zaino !!!

Kenneth T.

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Posted by: Chuck L., on Jan 19, 2011

I've been using Z-9 and Z-10 for my car's leather seats and I must say they are the best leather cleaning solution I've used. Z-9 cleans the leather very well, even for oily stains! And Z-10 gives the leather a new again feeling and smell. Also makes me smile after using these products.

Chuck L.

    Posted by: Jason C., on Jan 19, 2011

    I'm the owner of a Citroen Rouge C4 HB 2010. Unfortunately, I don't have a sheltered carpark for both home and work so the sun and heat does take its toll on my leather seats. Got recommended to give the Z10 Leather in Bottle a try and I must say it was defintiely a good investment! The lustre and scent is back! And it's so easy to apply. Good recommendation, good product! Thank you.

    Jason C.

      Posted by: Daniel, on Jan 18, 2011

      Zaino is addictive! It's so easy to apply and really easy to buff off, and the best part is you can actually see the results. I've used Z-AIO, ZFX, Z-2, Z-6 and recently tried Z-CS. They are all a breeze to apply and the shine and sleekness makes the effort of going multiple layers all worth it.

      I have a black car, and with Zaino I don't find it hard to maintain. On usual washes, just use a little Z-6 and just look at how reflective my car is. Pictures are after a wash and Z-6.

      Z-9 & Z-10 also makes the interior of the car smell better than an air freshener.


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      Posted by: Darren S., on Jan 18, 2011

      I am currently driving a Black BMW E90. I send my ride to a detailer using Zaino products. They would wash the car using Z7, clay with Z18, and polish with Z-AIO. Then finish with Z5 Pro, Z-CS Clear Seal and Z8 for the final look. Found the car super shiny with a deep gloss with very smooth surface.

      2 weeks after the detail, I did my first wash with Z7 and quick detailed with Z6. The results were fantastic with the shine and smoothness still all there. Highly recommend Zaino products for the ease of use and long lasting shine.

      Darren S.

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      Posted by: Paul T., on Jan 18, 2011

      I am such an anal when it comes to cars! My only choice, Black! and what gives more wet-look than Zaino?.... Nothing comes close!

      I've been using Zaino products for more than 9 years from my G9, my beloved 307SW to my current BMW on both DIY (which I really enjoy working on) and professional engagement (when I needed machine works). The ease of use (thin-thin layer is the key stroke) and good smell (Z5) makes maintenance really enjoyable!

      I have watched how the brand develops from only a simple bottle of Z1 (some may not even know about this pre-polish) + Z2 + Z6, to Z5 + ZFX, to now a comprehensive range of products! Of course, I tried to outwit Zaino in between with some other products which ultimately ended up in the bins after one use :-)

      An old friend recently saw my car & the first comment he made (and that was from a distance) was: "Have you Zaino-ed your car?" I replied: "How can you tell?" "It's the 'wet', look!", he replied.

      Paul T.